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EMBEDDED LINUX TUTORIAL                                                                                                 EMBEDDED LINUX

Running linux in embedded system
Embedded Linux Tutorial, Linux in Embedded System, Embedded Linux, RTOS - Keywords
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Linux OS running in embedded system is known as Embedded Linux. Linux os occupy only up to 100KB space in memory. Now days most ES based on 32 bit processor like ARM, PowerPC, ColdFire etc have sufficient amount of flash and RAM memory.

Above examples prove that linux operating system can be kept in ES.
Actually linux is one of the favorite OS for ES. The reason behind this is following [ ]
Running linux in embedded system
Embedded Linux Tutorial, Linux in Embedded System, Embedded Linux, RTOS - Keywords
ARM9 Board Image
Minicom is a text-based modem control and terminal emulation program for Linux operating systems, originally written by Miquel van Smoorenbur. Minicom (Hyperterminal in Windows) is easy and effective used for serial communication between Microcontroller for Testing and Analysis Purpose.

Minicom helps you in Configuring Linux on Board, Running TFTP Server and others. Although, Minicom is very much Similar HyperTerminal in Windows.

But its configuration in quite tricky then of HyperTerminal. [ ... ]
Lean how to use Minicom in linux                                                                                         
Keywords: HyperTerminal in Linux, How to use HyperTerminal in linux, Serial terminal in linux
Linux operating system is used in desktop, servers and in embedded system also. In embedded system it is used as Real Time Operating System. There are so many products in the market that use embedded linux. Embedded system requirements are very much different then requirements of desktop system. Desktop PCs are mostly designed around 8086 architecture of microprocessors. But embedded system products can be designed on various of microprocessor architectures like Power, ColdFire, ARM, 8051, PIC, AVR etc. In embedded system memory is limited, hard disk is not present, display screen is small etc.

Embedded system have following other characteristics also like:

Embedded Systems are real time system

Embedded System has less power consumption . [ ... ]
Embedded Linux
Let us find out the difference between Embedded Linux and Desktop Linux                 Last Edited: MAY-2009
Embedded Linux Tutorial, Linux in Embedded System, Embedded Linux, RTOS, Desktop Linux - Keywords
Embedded Linux application development is very easy if you have all necessary tools. If you want to use open source tools then this situation is if not easy to find all tools at single platform (if you are not using paid software). In this article I tried to collect information of all tools on a single platform and giving information to you.

This is a series of articles, in this part we are speaking about viewing of kernel source tree and finding out support of linux on particular development board.
Embedded Linux Development
Embedded Linux Development
Date of Publish: July-2010
Embedded Linux, Linux BSP, Board Support Package, How to search Linux BSP, Linux Kernel Tree, Embedded Linux Development Guide
Embedded Linux Development

Embedded Linux: An Introduction

Minicom: Serial Terminal in Linux

Embedded Linux and Desktop Linux: Difference at A Glance