Set up tools for Embedded ARM Development, Using Eclipse and GCC
Insight Debugger and Eclipse, Use of Insight Debugger, Insight debugger tutorial
Insight is a graphical user interface to GDB, the GNU Debugger developed by Red Hat, Inc. and Cygnus Solutions. Insight debugger can also simulate ARM core. Insight debugger also supports other processor core.

In this article we will discuss configuration steps of Insight debugger with eclipse. This will be very useful as developer can easily debug his code in simulator.

Although Insight comes with YAGARTO tools but you can also download Insight from following location.

Continuation from previous article

Now after building we have to run the executable files. For that we have two options

Option 1: Run executable on simulator.

Option 2: Run executable on target board.


Usually in case of development phase when board is not ready then we have to choose simulator.For that we gcc toolchain has insight debugger. We can configure it in eclipse.

Following are the steps

Go to Run > External Tools > External Tools Configuration

as shown in the below mention pic:

After that External Tools Configurations window will open

Click on New Launch configuration button, and configure new tool, which you want to configure:

We are going to configure In-Sight Debugger.
In the name text box give the name of your new configuration : like insight debugger.
So give the path of insight debugger in the location.

In my case this is the path

C:\Program Files\yagarto\bin\arm-elf-insight.exe

In working directory text box give the path of your project directory. This can be done by clicking Browse File System Button.

After doing all entries, window will look like as below:

Now go to the common tab of External Tools Configurations and configure it to be displayed in External Tools favorites menu.
So window will look like below:

Then click on close and save all settings.
If every thing goes right then, you can see the entry of Insight debugger in Run > External Tools > External Tools Configuration.
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