Using Eclipse and GCC for window platform for C Programming

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This article is for installing gcc and eclipse on windows and using of GCC and Eclipse for C Programming.
Later I will tell you how to use it for Embedded Linux ARM development.
We will use following tools…
    1. GCC compiler                   (C compiler we will use)

    2. Cygwin                              (Linux environment on windows) 

    3. Eclipse                               (Open Source Free IDE)

Eclipse will work as IDE like Keil Compiler IDE and GCC work as C compiler and cygwin provide interface between linux tools and windows.

So in order to work on this system you have to install Cygwin and Eclipse. Cygwin itself contain GCC compiler and GDB debugger and so many other things.

Steps to do it

Step1: Install cygwin in window

For that download Cygwin and Installing Cygwin document and follow the steps given in the file.

Click Here to download. This is PDF file.

Cygwin itself has gcc toolchain for native.

Step2: Install Eclipse from this location.

First let it be download and then install.
Click Here

For installation procedure Click Here.


Read eclipse ppt document for working on eclipse and gcc. and do as per instructions
To download the document

Click Here


Q1. Why should I not use Turbo C compiler and switched to GCC?

GCC is widely used in industry. It support so many family of processors like ARM, PowerPC, AVR, MSP430 etc
Click Here to see list of microprocessor architecture which is supported by gcc. So, this is well suited for Embedded System also.

Q2. How cost it is?

This is free of cost, because it is Open Source. It comes under GPL license. which means following

a) Freedom to use

b) Freedom to distribute                                 

c) Freedom to modify                 

Free of cost does not mean that it is not good it is very good and widely used in industry also. For more information about GPL license see following link

Click Here

Q3. Some thing special about GCC?

a)   Linux kernel can only be compiled by this compiler not by any other compiler of world. So, if you are interested in Embedded Linux, then GCC is must for you.

b)   Support wide range of processor.

c)   Comes under GPL license.

d)   Well supported by community.

e)   Mostly all companies are giving plug in for GCC.

Q4. Ok fine now what should I do?

For your simplicity we have given instructions to download and install it. Please go through following document to do it all.  

Q5. What is Eclipse?                

Eclipse is Free and open source IDE which can be used with any compiler.

Q6. What about the quality and standard of this IDE?                

This IDE is made by IBM and donated to Open Source Community. so this is basically IBM Product. And now a days this is also used in by windriver. This is industry standard now a days. For more information you can follow following link.

Click Here

Q7. How can we use it and also install it?

You can install it and use it as per my  document.

Q8. What is Cygwin?

Eclipse is the linux like environment in Windows. Actually it is interface between linux tools and window so that linux tools can run on window.

Q9. is it free ?

yes it is free.

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