Embedded ARM Development by IAR workbench  (2)
Step by step
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For adding linker script file right click on project options and choose options as shown in above picture. or choose Project > options or use (ALT + F7).

After that options for node “ledblink” window will open. Here goto Linker > Config > Linker configuration file
override default and give path of LPC2148_RAM.icf file. For specifying path you can use IAR global variable $PROJ_DIR$ to specify path of project directory. So according to that complete path will be following


after setting of linker script file this window should be like following:

After that we have to choose project options which are following:

Processor options
Project > options > General options > Target > Processor variant > Device
click on button next to Device text box

and choose NXP > NXP LPC2148.

Now choose j-Link as a debugger. For that go to
Project > options > Debugger > Setup > Driver
select J-Link/J-Trace from drop  down menu. Left all options as it is. and click on OK.

now project is ready to build.

To build project pres F7.
and Start debugger. For that go to Project > Download and Debug or press (Ctrl + D).
Code will start downloading on target.  Once downloading is completed then you can see debugger  view of IAR workbench. Now you can see that code is stopped at main.

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