Embedded ARM Development by IAR workbench  (3)
Step by step
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We can do single stepping . Some of the useful commands are following:

Step over F10
Step into F11
Step out Shift + F11
Go F5

Press F5 and you can see LED must be blinking on Board.

ROM run program or Flash run program

For making program to execute from run IAR has Release configuration. For that choose Release from drop down button below the Workspace window.

For release configuration we have to make following changes


   choose none optimization.
   Project > options > C/C++ Compiler > Optimization > Level
   choose none

2.Linker script file for flash
   Project > options > Linker > Config > Linker configuration file
   choose LPC2148_flash.icf  file

3.Generate HEX file

   Project > options > Output Converter > output
   check on Generate additional output
   choose intel extended

Now build the project and you can see that hex file is generated in Release folder of project directory.

This file can be downloaded into flash memory by flash magic software.
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