Installation of KEIL IDE for 8051
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This article will demonstrate use of KEIL IDE. In previous article we have seen installation procedure of KEIL IDE. In this article we will show creation of project in KEIL and will build it and generate HEX file. That hex file can be downloaded into target processor by either programmer or if your processor support ISP then we can download code via serial port. Let discuss this in last section of this article.

Creating Project

Open keil IDE either from short cut icon present on desktop or link from start menu. Once it open you can see following window.


If you see any open project in Keil ide, that should be closed. For that Click  Project Tab >> Close Project (which ever is open previously, In this case Hello Project default by Keil).

Now let us create a new project for that Click on  Project  >> New uVision Project

In Create New Project window, You will see the path of Default Project.
Now Let us choose folder where you want to put your project. Suppose our location is C:\KEIL TEST, So, browse for this folder. 
If directory is not created you can also create Folder KEIL TEST. Here you can Make Project named as Myproject. Extension of project file in keil is .uv2.

After that you can select CPU or Microcontroller from family.

Now select ATMEL family.Choose 8051 Based Architecture AT89C51.

After that following windows will appear.

Now we have to make a c file for our project, For that Click on File >> New, Now Text1 windows will appear For Embedded C Programming
Write C code here. Let write P1_0 is equal 0. This will clear Port 1s first line. If there is a LED connected to P1.0 in such a way that cathode of LED is connected to P1.0 and Anode is connected to +5V with a 220 Ohm register. Then this LED will glow.

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