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We are starting this new series in which we will be publishing microprocessor or microcontroller information in the tabular form. We will try to cover all newly released processors and possibly existing one also. Idea behind this is to bring processor features in short form and comparable format
Kinetis Processor Family from Freescale  (K10 Series)
Freescale is starting a new family named as Kinetis. This family is designed around ARM Cortex M4 core. Freescale has revealed this family with K10, K20, K30, K40 and K60 Members.
K10 is entry point in this family. K10 is mixed signal processor aimed for low power and high performance controlling applications. With DSP core present in Kinetis, makes it suitable in Motor control application also. Because this is mixed signal processor and has FlexMemory also.
FlexMemory is a new trend. These memory can be configured either as EEPROM or Flash Memory.

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